Lost in Translation

We all go through life on this never-ending pursuit of happiness. I don't know if i will ever find but i tend to distract myself from that fact with music, books, films, photography and my own writing. Welcome to my world.

I burned up your letters 
My memory suits me better
Changed my name, made my move
I’m not the one who laid beside you 

all i want is someone to talk to

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But I know what I want and don’t need what I get.
I invest my ideas but get swallowed in debt.
And the only release is to yell and to sweat.
Until my clothes are soaking wet.
Stay under my skin.
Tear me limb from limb.
Plague me to an end.
I can’t believe I always thought I would be there for you.
For now I’ll learn and settle for less.
Shut my eyes and get some rest.
Feel the pulse beneath this sunken chest.
And maybe one day I can be there for you.

Damn it all, I am just sad
Everything’s staying as fucked up
Because all that I used to have
Burned out in jar like a lightning bug

Apathy Is a Cold Body

I constantly wonder why my life is shitty. I’ve made so many bad decisions in the past, I didn’t apply myself in school. I can’t believe that college wasn’t even on my mind when I was in high school, what was i doing, just wasting time? I just wish i would’ve been more focus… fuck it I don’t feel like doing this shit right now.


I’ve made hundreds of mistakes
And peace with dying in my sleep